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Depression - Anxiety - Fear

Have you ever felt like the whole world is against you? Everything you touch turns to mush? Every conversation you have, a concern that you might be accused of something negative. Basically the whole world appears to be against you..even the dog is talking behind your back? Paranoia, can also accompany these feelings, these feelings can quickly manifest themselves into a fear of getting out of bed in the morning, answering the phone, enjoying a social life.

Thoughts of "Why do I bother" come to mind, "who does really care about me?" If only they would understand how I feel....and so it goes on. Manifesting itself, feeding of the negativity of your thoughts.

It also important to point out, that whilst all of this is happening - we are generating many chemicals which populate our whole body. This is a reaction to the Stress. On of these is related to Adrenaline, the "Fight or Flight" compound which is inherent in all animals.

When these feelings become regular, the body will anticipate our next interaction, and start to produce these chemicals - readying for an expected response. This is what people associate individuals as those, "with a short fuse". By this time, we feel totally out of control, and the situation becomes one of abstract misery.

OK! So, why am I writing this morbid blog.

I am hoping to present warning signs for all my friends and followers. Warning signs that are often ignored or not noticed by the sufferer, but noticed by friends and family. Unfortunately, no one wished to discuss these personality changes for fear of retribution, or being "Unfriended" on Social Media.

Think about yourself:

Are you experiencing unusual aches and pains?

Are you, "flying off the Handle" easily?

Always arguing?

Sweating throughout the day,

Always anxious

Difficulty in getting out of bed in the morning?

Wanting to go to bed early (just to end the day?)

If you are experiencing, any of these symptoms - seek help immediately. You GP will be able to prescribe medication. Professional Life Coaches can help with routing out the cause of these issues. The underlying traits of behaviour or Lifestyle that are contributing. Then, in concert with your GP, you may be able to begin to take less medication, and eventually cease altogether.

That then is your Target. To be Free and Clear, Happy, Living and Loving life. Enjoying company, and re-establish a social life....Don't suffer unnecessarily....if you ignore Mild Depression, it does not go away, it will just manifest itself into a Monster that will rule, and ruin your life.

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