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Alpacas & Chickens - Stress levellers

Things are progressing nicely at the 4ever Wellness Centre in Cleobury Mortimer. We now own two Alpacas and Three Chickens!

At Stressful times, I take a time-out and chill with the Animals. I can feed them, walk with them, watch their antics and social activities, or just TALK TO THEM!

The beauty of this is, they never talk back, they don't have an opinion, and they have all the time in the world to listen.

Watching their social interaction is pretty cool too. They squabble, and then immediately put it behind them, never harbouring a RESENTMENT (Resentments Kill!). They focus on what is real, what is required, and what makes them happy.

If we could be more like them, our lives would be far calmer, and we would have so little stress.

After a short time with the animals - I feel refreshed, and calm. Ready to carry on with the rest of my day....

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