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Savage Fox Attack on Centre Volunteer!

Two weeks ago, at just after 8am, one of our Volunteers was savagely attacked by a Fox. Later the Volunteer said, "The Fox came out of nowhere, and as I turned away it locked its jaws around my lower back!", said the victim. Fortunately, another Colleague witnessed the attack and ran to assist, screaming like a Banshee. The Fox, clearly frightened by this verbal onslaught and rapidly approaching adversary, let go of the Volunteer, and ran into a nearby field.

Our Volunteers are a huge part of our Services and very important!

The Victim

Diane - the Saviour, quickly inspected the Victim for obvious wounds, and then decided that it should go to the Vet, just in case.

After a phone call Diane collected the victim and took her to the Vet (Yes - it was a Chicken! lol). After a thorough examination it was concluded that miraculously, she had sustained no obvious or internal injuries. However, she was given injections of Antibiotics and Painkillers.

Shortly after 1pm that same day, Diane noticed blood on the pavement, nowhere near to the Site of the attack.

She then inspected the other Centre Volunteers, and found out to her horror, that she had taken the wrong Chicken, to the Vets, and in fact, this one was injured.

After another phone call, off went the actual victim, and, after a thorough examination, she received eight stitches, and an antibiotic injection, along with a painkilling injection.

Therefore - at the end of a very stressful day, we have two chickens pumped full of Antibiotics and Painkillers - both stressed out. One of which was very indignant about being taken to the Vet wrongly. Diane - paranoid about future attacks, and two Vets bills.

In the Aftermath of the attack, Villages were very amused that we had taken a "Chicken" to the Vets, and were apoplectic with laughter when they heard that we had also taken the wrong chicken in the first instance!

Morale of the Story:

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