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My Journey to Continued Wellness

The two little boys in the foreground - we took home...


Above are our Two Alpacas. Shrimp (left) and Parker. They are now just over a year old. Why am I writing about Alpacas?

I travel a lot running my Business - I am a Management Consultant (as well as a Psychotherapist). Sometimes when I'm away, I can get lonely, I may not talk to another soul for days, apart from whilst at a Clients. Thinking of the Boys, I can relax, and return home, and be in the field with them. Remembering the fun of seeing Parker dancing amongst leafed Birch branches - enjoying the feeling of something soo simple. Shrimp, follows Parker and mimics everything he does. They eat grass, and a protein Supplement. They drink fresh water, and they eat grass.

When it rains - they choose not to enter and stay dry in the shelter I built for them. I built the shelter from Birch branches, and string. Rustic, and it would make a builder or Architect shudder, but I built it.

You see, the Boys remind me of how important it is to be grateful for what I have got, to enjoy the simple things in life. They have encouraged me to be "Creative", building their Shelter. Simple, simple things.

So when I am away, or on a long journey home, I remember...I can look forward to the boys greeting me upon arrival. Looking for treats, how they come and stand next to me, whilst I am carrying out the regular repairs on their Shelter...which they do not use. I can stand still, close my eyes, and remember, where I am, I can look at my feet, where I am right now. So the next working day has not arrived, do I have enough work, can I pay all my bills...for that moment - none of it is important. I look at my feet, I know where I am.

Simple gratitude's, simple tasks, Alpacas that love treats, and eat time I'll write about the conversations had between me and the Boys & the Chickens...another step in continued Wellness.


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