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London Terror Attack 22 March 2017 Theresa May, "We are Not Afraid!"

Hi Guys ,I have waited until now to write about last weeks COWARDLY Incident, as I did not want to write as a result of a “Knee Jerk Reaction“.


That’s a lot of emotions setting in instantaneously. I listened on the radio, and watched the TV, the feelings just multiplied!

At one point my heart was racing, I was shaking, through frustration, and that feeling of helplessness .I wanted to do something, make a difference, help, show the world my feelings…….but how? That’s the problem!


All the above emotions are impossible for our brain to reconcile, and so we “Knee Jerk”. This leads to rows, violence, depression. anxiety…you see where I’m going? Self perpetuating personal injury! When we feel like this: STOP! Step back and let your Brain rationalise the events. Work out what you can do, and what you can’t do, and in this case, how the Terrorist wants you to react. Once you have taken a step back, you will then understand that the best thing to do is nothing. The best people are handling the situation, in the best way. They are the Professionals. Do not let the Terrorist have his / her way. Do not hate, do not judge. Consider, have empathy for victims and victims Families. for Witnesses, and thank god that you were not there. Most importantly, get on with your normal daily routine. That is how we win.


Issues, and occurrences can happen on any given day, at any given time, which may try to invoke a “Knee Jerk Reaction”. STOP! Take a step back. Rationalise the situation, put yourself in their shoes, why did they, “Cut you up on the Motorway?” Why are they driving soo slowly? Why did they mess up your Wi-Fi connection, or erase a programme yet to be watched? You will find after you consider their side of the story, your reaction will be different, more considered.


A person does not have to be directly involved in a Traumatic Situation to suffer from a form of PTSD, particularly if they are of a sensitive disposition. If you find yourself still, really upset about the above incident, even though you only watched it on TV. If it is dominating your life, your thoughts, your actions and your speech, talk to a Professional, speak to your parents, or visit your Doctor. Ask for help! At 4Ever Wellness Centre, we can assist those of you who suffer from PTSD, or other debilitating Mental Stress related issues.

Government Reaction

Theresa May said, “We are not Afraid!”. Perfect! That for me, says it all….

More?Please do give me some feedback, I would really appreciate it, as I know then, that I am Empowering others to help themselves..Life is Good today!

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