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Congratulations! A Star has graced us to talk about Stress!

Well, our Alpacas have certainly grabbed your attention! Some readers have suggested that they only exist in my warped mind! Really! lol

So, they (the boys) have been kind enough to allow me to photograph them and publish their pictures. Currently, I can only upload a picture of Shrimp when he was only 6 months old...What a little Darling!

Now, that's out of the way, let's discuss my feet!

In times of Stress or bewilderment, it is easy to run around and rage at people and objects, vocalising, they say, can be good for us. However in my experience, all that happens is that my mood darkens, my throat gets sore, and I make everyone around me grumpy too!

So, to my feet.

When the feeling of "Sensory Overload" is growing in my head. When the Month is longer than my Money, or the funds are needed for "something", I walk to a quiet place and thinnk about my feet!

"Where are my feet, right now?" I look down and answer, "In the Garden". "What day is it?" "Saturday". "What am I doing...right now?" Standing in the Garden, with birds flying around, Chickens looking for insects, and Alpacas eating grass. I feel much better...

So, by looking at my feet, I remind myself where I am, right at that very moment. I can enjoy the moment, and put all the other issues behind me and enjoy that moment. I can think about and deal with those other issues, another time, but not right now...peace

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