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Shocking! Increasing instances of Depression & Diabetes in Shropshire

This week I attended a meeting hosted by members of the Shropshire County Council. The information they shared was, to put it mildly, SHOCKING!

Patients presenting with depression and diabetes at the County's GP's Practice Centres is at a level which is totally unacceptable!

It doesn't have to be that way!

Evidence suggests that being overweight, and or, a bad diet can be major contributory factors to developing diabetes.

Some of us, eat excessively when we are Stressed out.

Some of us Drink Alcohol excessively to "Stop the constant noise in our Head", or take prescription Drugs or worse. So, eating junk food, excessive Alcohol consumption and Snacks can lead to weight gain, then the Depression gets worse because we feel guilty, and we repeat the behaviour, and before we know it, We're off to the DR's to be told we have signs of what do we do next?............

Insanity - urges to repeat the same process, hoping for a different outcome. Let me tell you right now, it doesn't! I know!

Seek HELP! Talk to a dear friend, or family. Make an appointment at the Dr's, or approach a Professional. have to pay for their advice, but......... WHAT COST IS YOUR LIFE?

Swallow your pride, Seek Help - Share your problems with a trusted person. If you cannot solve these issues yourself, GET HELP! NOW!

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